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    or manuvres of the army since 1880●, except in the direction of redu▓cing the number of the latter, and simpl

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    ifying● and giving freedom of action in the former.G●reater attention is now paid to practical inst▓ruction,

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    and to the value of continu●ed training in marching, coupl▓ed with care for the soldiers’ ▓feet, after the d


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ay’s march, and cl●othing.Thus the truth of Wellington●’s remark is recognised, that “ba●ttles are as much won by feet as by arm●s.” Examinations for promotio▓n are more searching, selection for appoin▓tments to command the rule rather th▓an the exception; while every possi

ble care is ▓taken to ensure the retention of men who ●know their work.Sir Evelyn Wood● bears evidence that “in tac▓tical skill, officers of all ranks have impro●ved to a very great degree

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; ▓but the improvement in military spi▓rit, in eagerness to learn, and to submit c●heerfully to great physical discomforts is ▓e

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ven more remarkable, and this spirit ▓reacts naturally on the lower rank▓s.” The armament of all arms is al●tering.In the cav

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alry the f▓ront ranks of all heavy and medium regim▓ents are armed with the lance,▓ as well as sword and carbine, and onl●y the

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hussars retain the two latte▓r for both ranks.Every effort is ●being made to lighten the enormous weig●ht

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